University Laval Dental Treatments Abroad

For four consecutive years, students from Laval Universite, Ste-Foy, Quebec, having completed their third year of dentistry, have gone abroad to offer dental treatment to a population in need. In 2001 it was to Paraguay, under the supervision of the Faculty of Dentistry and the Bureau International of Laval University.

From June 15th to August 15th, two groups of five students headed to Coronel Oriedo for a four-week stay. Each group was accompanied by a dentist who, in collaboration with local dentists, supervised the dental treatments. The religious community of the Augustine Sisters also participated in the project.

The population, living principally from agriculture, has very little access to dental and medical services. The students’ mission was to offer dental care (surgery, operative dentistry and periodontal treatment) and to establish a preventive dentistry program for the people.

The Canadian Section provided a grant of $3,000 towards the purchase and transportation of supplies for this project.

Laval Universite student operating with portable equipment

Paraguayan children receive toothbrush instruction.

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