Rural Dental Clinic in Legurga, Latvia

One of our Canadian Fellows, Kira Obrazcova, a native Latvian, requested assistance for a rural dental clinic which had been servicing approximately 10,000 people (including two nursery schools and a primary school), with outdated equipment left over from the Soviet regime. Fellow Obrazcova, who visits the area regularly, through the assistance of a dental supply company and some colleagues has been able to supply this clinic with two dental chairs, a sterilizer, an x-ray machine and some dental supplies. All of this was shipped by container, free of charge, through the courtesy of the Latvian Embassy in Ottawa.

A grant of $4,000 was given to the provider, Dr. Edite Avolina, to purchase badly needed supplies. In her thank-you letter, Dr. Avolina included a list of some 45 items for which she intended to use these funds. Fellow Obraszcova was able to present the cheque in person, accompanied by Jugrida Lace of the Latvian Embassy Staff in Ottawa.

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