Report of the William James Spence ICD Memorial Foundation

January –, 2018

TO: The Fellows of the International College of Dentists (Canada section 2)

FROM: President and Board of the William J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation

SUBJECT: Humanitarian Dental Projects of 2017

One may say that the “Spence ICD FOUNDATION” has had a very active year. Funds for dental supplies and materials were dispensed to five registered charities and a sixth (that was delayed in 2016) was implemented with equal success. The Fellows and allied contributors who have donated the charitable funds to our FOUNDATION are to be congratulated for their interests in sponsoring these humanitarian dental missions, abroad and at home.

The real benefactors of your contributions have been the children and disadvantaged adults in remote areas who receive dental treatment, which they otherwise could not access. Although the dentists and auxiliary personnel cover their own travel and accommodation, while on a mission, The Spence ICD FOUNDATION then tries to help in part by passing on funds for the dental supplies and materials needed by the team when on site.

Fellows of District 2 ICD can read some of the submitted reports about the above noted humanitarian dental missions, which they help to sponsor. The College’s web-site can be found at: … and scroll down to find the latest news and past reports.

There you will read about such missions as those directed by Fellow Ken Stones of the Semiahmoo Charity in the village of San Juan for the 7th year, and who has had success in reducing the caries incidence in school children in the Philippines. Fellow Les Ennis, also with Semiahmoo and the African Canadian Continuing Education Society has started into a new site in Kakamega, Kenya. Dr. P. Patel of Health Outreach Charity is also co-sponsored by the Pierre Fauchard Society in an ambitious project for the Rio Dulce children in the poor regions of Guatemala, last February 2017.

Closer to home, we hear about Fellow Tom Harle of PODS in Ottawa, who has a project underway with St. Mary’s Home for the benefit of single mothers and their children. Again, Fellow Jack Cottrell with the Speroway foundation has returned with a medical and dental group to Port au Prince, Haiti. Finally, Fellow Aaron Kim of Cross Church charity was able to send his delayed 2016 mission to Village of Hope in Zimbabwe, Africa this past July 2017.

So our Fellows can see that the nearly $40,000 in charitable funds, which was distributed by the Spense ICD FOUNDATION to the past applicants was put to very good use. It is hoped that this year’s donations will be put to equally successful projects.

Respectfully submitted,

William H. (Bill) Christie, Life Fellow,

President of “The Spence Foundation”.


WH Christie J. Hardie WB Love GR Thordarson DM Brode Drew Smith

Winnipeg, MB Ottawa, ON Winnipeg, MB W. Vancouver, BC Windsor, ON London, ON

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