The International College of Dentists (ICD) is a world wide honorary dental organization established in 1927 with over 11,000 active members (designated as Fellows).  Fellowship in the College is by invitation only and is granted in recognition of an individual dentist’s “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of humankind.”

Prior to being recognized as a Fellow of the ICD, the candidate’s qualifications and achievements are evaluated by a series of credential committees in order to insure that he or she is deserving of this honour and will live up to the ICD motto of “Recognizing Service and the Opportunity to Serve”.  Once inducted, the Fellow is authorized to use the post-nominals “FICD” after his or her name.

History – Founders of the College

 Louis Ottofy
Co-Founder of
the International
College of Dentists
Registrar, 1931-1935 
  Tsurukich Okumura
Co-Founder of
the International
College of Dentists

The International College of Dentists was founded on July 9th, 1928 as the result of two dentists:  an American, Louis Ottofy, and Japanese, Tsurukich Okumura, each having a desire to establish a communications network of professional and scientific information with dentists in other countries.

The College was created for these purposes: 

  • To recognize ability
  • To advance the art and science of dentistry
  • To honor meritorious service

The first Convocation was held in Denver, Colorado on July 22, 1930 in conjunction with the American Dental Association.  Membership at the time totaled 266, representing 174 countries, states and provinces.  Today this total is over 11,000 Fellows.

In 1931 a Constitution was adopted along with Bylaws that provided for each Section to adopt additional Bylaws pertinent to that Section provided there was no conflict with the parent body.

In 1938 the College adopted a resolution stating the ICD Mission.  In 1939, the College Key, which symbolizes the initials F.I.C. D., for Fellowship in the International College of Dentists, and cast in gold to represent the purity of the organization, was designed by Dr. Justin Towner.

Prior to its reorganization in 1947, the USA Section conducted the College’s business affairs.

The official publication of an annual newsletter was renamed the Globe in 1985.  This publication still exists today along with a periodic e newsletter called The College Today.

The Central Office conducts the day-to-day activities of the International College.

A more complete history may be found on the website under Information and History of the College.

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