The International College of Dentists (Canadian Section) tartan was designed by Fellow Carol A. L. Martin, accepted by vote from half a dozen possible designs at the Halifax Council meeting in August 2011, and subsequently registered in the Scottish Register of Tartans in Edinburgh. This tartan and its “Dress” version, (in which white is substituted for a portion of the green), are copyrighted and owned by ICD Canada.


The green and gold in this tartan are the colours of the ICD and the “houndstooth” portion is made up of 15 lines to represent the 15 Sections of the College. The Canadian Section is the first section to have its own tartan.

In 2013, the Ad Hoc Tartan Committee of ICD Canada, consisting of Life Fellow William Christie, Fellow Drew Smith and Fellow Carol Martin became a Standing Tartan Committee.

Silk and wool fabric has been woven by D.C. Dalgliesh Tartan Mill in Selkirk, Scotland and has been tailored into bow-ties, neckties, scarves, pocket squares, cummerbunds and waistcoats, plus a variety of smaller items. The profits raised from the sale of these items flow to scholarships and the humanitarian outreach projects of the William J. Spence Memorial Foundation.

In 2013, $1480.00 was donated to the Spence Foundation and an additional $1000.00 was added to a trust bank account. In Vancouver in March 2014, the sale of tartan umbrellas raised another $1800.00. This brings the total raised from tartan sales to $4280.00 in two years. We have the generosity of our Fellows and their families to thank. More tartan silk fabric is being woven right now in Scotland because the demand for tartan neckties, bow-ties and scarves continues to grow. It is the opinion of a protocol expert in the ICD, that our tartan items can be worn by anyone and at anytime.

Here are a few photos:

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Select items will be made available for sale at the annual ICD convocation and dinner

With the help and support of our Fellows and their families, we can raise interest, enthusiasm, a feeling of kinship and camaraderie, and much-needed funds for the projects of ICD Canada around the world.

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