Project Description

June 29 – August 10, 2014

MedOutreach 2014 consisted of a team of eight students from the University of Western Ontario; 2 Medical students, 3 Dental students, and 3 Nursing students. MedOutreach is a student-run charitable organization which provides primary medical and dental care for those in need in Tanzania.

The MedOutreach program ran from June 16 – August 10 for the Medical and Nursing students, but from June 29 – August 10 for the Dental students as our academic and clinical year at Schulich Dentistry ended on June 26, 2014.

The following is an overview of the Dental experience in Tanzania as part of MedOutreach 2014.

The three Dental students were, Jeremy Goldberg (DDS 2015), Tara Kennedy (DDS 2015), and Rahul Shah (DDS 2015 – Internationally trained dentists program).


MedOutreach 2014 Team, Top left to right: Rahul Shah (DDS ITD 2015), Jeremy Goldberg (DDS 2015), Shaylan Govind (MD 2017). Lower left to right: Tara Kennedy (DDS 2015), Christine Petersen (Nursing 2016), Travis Trudeau (MD 2016), Chloe Battaglia (Nursing 2015), Shannon Dodman (Nursing 2015).

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