The Canadian Section currently has 600 Fellows. The governing body is the Board of Regents, comprised of the Officers and one Regent from each of the 7 Districts.

The Officers are: President, Past President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Treasurer, Registrar, two International Councilmen and Editor.

The 7 Districts are:

District #1: British Columbia
District #2: Alberta and NWT
District #3: Saskatchewan
District #4: Manitoba
District #5: Ontario
District #6: Quebec
District #7: Atlantic Canada

New Fellows are inducted at the annual convocation, which is often held at the time and in the location of the annual Canadian Dental Association convention.

In 2004 a Foundation, The William J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation, named in honour of a former long-time Registrar of the Canadian Section, was established to provide for our student awards and the humanitarian projects we support.

The Canadian Section is represented on the International Council by two Councilmen, elected by the Board of Regents for a three-year term. Our current Councilmen are: Past President Ian Doyle and Registrar and Treasurer Gordon Thompson