The Semiahmoo Dental Outreach project to Tanzania was a huge success.  The report and photos below are courtesy of Fellow Les Ennis on behalf of the Semiahmoo team.  Follow the link to read the report.  This project was supported financially by the William J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation.  This is the humanitarian work your donations to the Foundation achieve.



ICD Tanzania report


In summary, we treated 765 patients over 10 days and performed 1735 dental services. We performed 541 extractions, almost all were surgical, 356 amalgam restorations, 43 composite restorations and fluoride treatments on the children. The billable equivalent of those services according to the BC Fee Schedule would have been $217,000. For the ICD and the Spence Foundation Committee, the money you have invested in our team on a dollar for dollar value was an investment beyond compare. I am proud of our team, and proud of our mission. I am honoured to be an ICD Fellow and grateful for your support.