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Carol A. L.
Carol A. L. Martin
December 8, 1955
Deputy Regent

Positions held in ICD, locally, nationally, and internationally:
- Deputy Regent for Alberta
- Tartan and Logo Committee
- Strategic Planning Committee

Top three honors or recognitions you have received:
- Northern Director on Council of the ADA&C
- Code of Ethics committee ADA&C
- HR and Governance Committee ADA&C
- Clinical Evaluator National Dental Examining Board

- Designer of the I.C.D. (Canadian Section) tartan, Canadian Dental Association tartan, Alberta Dental Association and College tartan, Office of the Governor General of Canada tartan

Special interests in dentistry: i.e. teaching, a particular discipline, specialty etc.:
- A desire to encourage friendship and feelings of togetherness in our profession within Canada and abroad - provision of over 36 years of general dentistry as the only dentist in a small town in Northern Alberta

- Clinic demonstrator/evaluator for the Level II Dental Assisting course at S.A.I.T. in Calgary in 1982-83

- One-year dental internship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto in 1981-82. There was a monthly rotation through many hospital departments and one month spent at a remote, fly-in Indian Reservation north of Lake Superior

Three outside personal interests:
- alpine snowboarding/hiking
- gardening (trees grown from seeds and seedlings/rose garden)
- knitting/sewing/reading/tartan design

2 - Alberta
P. O. Box 539
T0H 0C0
780 354-8288
780 354-8690
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