ICD Canada Proposal Form

  • International College of Dentists
    Canadian Section


  • This form is to be used by a Fellow in proposing a member of the profession for Fellowship. This information is in strict confidence and the PERSON proposed is NOT TO KNOW OF THE INTENT.
  • The Candidate shall be a member in good standing with the applicable provincial regulatory and member service organizations

  • (Offices and/or appointments held, teaching and research accomplishments, professional lectures, publications, memberships, Fellowships, Honors and Awards, Hospital and/or Military Service)
  • (Dental or non-dental - Official boards, service clubs, volunteer work (civics, community, arts, religious and humanitarian)
  • BYLAW 1: Section 2 f) “Proposers and seconders of the successful candidates are expected to be present at the reception and induction to introduce the candidates to the other Fellows."
  • Instructions for Completing this Proposal Form

  • Candidates being proposed for Fellowship in the International College of Dentists should be selected according to the Constitution & Bylaws as follows:

    1. ARTICLE IV: FELLOWS, Section 1. Active Fellows - Fellows shall, at the time of their induction, be dentists engaged in active practice, teaching, administration or the Armed Forces.

    2. BYLAW 1: Section 2. Proposal Procedure - A Fellow may propose or second a proposal for any member of his/her District for Fellowship in the Section, whom he/she feels fulfills the terms as set forth in Section 1 of this Bylaw.

    3. BYLAW 1: Section 1. Qualifications - A candidate for the degree of Active Fellow, Canadian Section of the International College of Dentists shall be selected according to the qualifications as defined in Bylaw1, Section 1 of the Bylaws.

    Please note!

    4. This Proposal Form should be completed as fully as possible, seconded by another Fellow of the same District and submitted to the Regent of the District by June 8th, 2019, who will check to see that it is properly completed, and if it is will pass it on to the Registrar by June 15th, 2019 for inclusion of that name in the Opinion Poll.

    5.A candidate’s eligibility is assessed on both Professional accomplishments and Community service. Please provide comprehensive information in both sections. Only the information on the form will be considered

    District #1 (British Columbia) Dr. Ed O'Brien   E-mail: edobrien@telus.net
    District #2 (Alberta) Dr. Paul Chapman   E-mail: prchappy@gmail.com
    District #3 (Saskatchewan) Dr. Maureen Lefebvre   E-mail: drmo@accesscomm.ca
    District #4 (Manitoba) Dr. Jean Bodnar   E-mail: jeanbodnar@shaw.ca
    District #5 (Ontario) Dr. Lisa Bentley   E-mail: lisa_bentley@msn.com
    District #6 (Quebec) Dr. Jay McMullan   E-mail: drjay@videotron.ca
    District #7 (Atlantic Canada) Dr. Eric Hatfield   E-mail: erhprivate@eastlink.ca