District 1 Regent Ed O’Brien presented the Student Award to Andrea Szeto.  UBC Dean Mary MacDougall assisted and a brief biography of Dean MacDougall is below.

Dr. Mary MacDougall received her B.A. (Biochemistry Major and Theatrical Design Minor) in 1978 from
the University of California at San Diego, and her Ph.D. (Craniofacial Biology) in 1984 from the
University of Southern California. She commenced her professional research and teaching career at the
University of Southern California. She then held a number of leadership roles at the University of Texas
Health Science Center San Antonio: Director of the Research Division of Pediatric Dentistry (1993-
1998), Founding Director of the Craniofacial Oral-Biology Student Training in Academic Research
Program (CO-STAR) and the Dental-Student Training in Academic Research Program (D-STAR)
between 1998 and 2005, and Associate Dean for Research from 1999-2005; she also served for one
year as Interim Chair of Pediatric Dentistry. Since 2005, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Dr. MacDougall has founded a number of research training programs of which she continues to serve
as Director.
In addition, Dr. MacDougall is an internationally recognized scholar having published 18 book chapters
and over 150 peer-reviewed articles. She has served as President of the International Association for
Dental Research, as well as President of the American Association of Dental Research. Within these
leadership roles she has gained significant senior management experience as a member of the senior
management teams at the Department, Faculty, and University levels, and in external global