TODAY marks 365 days before the Centennial in Nagoya!

The Milan meeting may be over,

but ICD is still making headlines

Dear College Leaders,

Thanks to our partnership with Dental Tribune [DT] International, ICD and the Centennial are receiving global recognition with press coverage to 600,000 DT readers around the world. The screenshot above is from the Americas edition.

The publications’ regional links are found below. We also plan to have presence in native language Italian and French editions.

Please click on your area’s edition to read the complete article, and then send the link to newspapers, media personalities, leaders of Dentistry as well as current and potential Fellows in your part of the world. Write to the College Office if you are unable to find the article in your area’s DT edition.

Links to Milan article:




Asia Pacific:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Its official. Only 365 days until the grand finale in Nagoya. Register as soon as possible and make sure Fellows in your Section are aware that space will be limited for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Looking forward to seeing you one year from today in Japan

on November 13, 2020.

In Fellowship,

Dov Sydney

Editor | Director of Communications

General Chair College Centennial Committee

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