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Fellow Izchak Barzilay is the incoming President of the American Prosthodontic Society.

Dr. Izchak Barzilay: Below are some of the recent professional accomplishments for Dr. Barzilay: - Founded and launched the  Build Your Smile Dental Foundation - a non-profit organization providing dental services to underserved communities locally and internationally     - Locally, the Foundation initiated and established partnerships with two supportive housing facilities -Street Haven at the

Life after Dentistry

Fellow Sid Golden writes: I am now 85 years old and have been retired for the last 10 years.Since retiring I have been actively engaged as a  sculptor. Here are some examples of my work. The sculpture of the couple seated on a bench is called “Soul-Mates" and is in the permanent collection at Baycrest Hospital

District 5 News

Fellows in District 5 have ben recognized by their peers. Eric Selnes- Teaching award at U of T, VP for the Canadian Association of Orthodontics and Chair of CAO Communications Ian Watson- Executive director of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics Flavio Turchet - Vice President of the RCDSO Emel Arat - President of the Ontario